Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag
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Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag

When it comes to the Fall season, I love wearing and carrying black and white. To me the two colors look so elegant and stylish together. Just today at the mall, I saw a ton of black and white clothing that has been released for the upcoming Fall season and it all looked amazing! I seriously can’t wait to be in boots and sweaters again!

The Proenza Schouler “Lunch Bag” Clutch is such a fun bag to carry around this Fall. It instantly brought me back to my school days when I was a little girl. I always had a lunch box but I remember sometimes my Mom would put my lunch in a brown pair bag and would write me messages on them. This clutch is like the high class and stylish version of the modern day brown paper bag. Now, I wouldn’t put any food in this bag but it sure is stunning to carry around your essentials in. I love the design on the calf hair and the back pocket is an added bonus! The pocket literally looks like a place where someone would write you a message on, like my Mom did back in the day, if this were a real lunch bag.

Overall, this is an adorable and timeless piece to own to remind you of your childhood! It instantly brought me back and for that, I love it!

Find the Proenza Schouler Medium Ps1 Orologi Lunch Bag Clutch at Neiman Marcus
The Abstract Print Calf Hair version retails for $1350

Photo Credit: / GoRunway.som