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CELINE NANO review: Céline hangbag online sale

This tote. Are we in love with it? Since I know quite well that I am. I understood quite well when I still had to receive it now after many years having it on the list. I understood, even if it became Celine rather than Céline. That’s the one thing I wish I could change with this tote. The rest is just another episode of a dream comes true. Céline Luggage lineup was introduced by Phoebe Philo at 2009 (I suggest, Phoebe, I am forever your lover ). I still remember the time when everyone went nuts for this tote and every style blogger had it on their pictures. 10 years after, is it still hot? Well probably not that hot anymore but that I don’t really care. 1st of all, I do not fall out of love with it. 2nd of all, this is such a classic and unique design Céline has got. Some say it has that robot’s encounter design but hey that only makes it more special, heh?
You know I have a thing for mini bags so that I certainly had to find this tote in Nano size. Additionally, I’m petite so this very structured tote could easily look overwhelming on me with bigger dimensions. I got it in the Dune shade, grained calfskin. One thing I like about this new drop of the Luggage line lately is the colour palette. Very eye-candy. Mine, Dune, is a taupy cool nude, that goes with everything since it could not get any more impartial. As you can see in the photos, the dimensions fits me perfectly. The bag is famous for its casual elegant look. It’s also easy to switch from specialist wear to dressy. Thanks to the miniature size, the layout appears super cute and fairly once you hand hold the top grips like I really do. Personally, I find it awkward though. And also, I find the strap could be a bit long for me personally when wearing it upon the shoulder but I do not mind it that much. Alongside with the duo best handles, Céline Nano Luggage has a removable shoulder strap, one large compartment, one little pocket within the single compartment, zipper closure, and outside zip pocket in the front. The inside slit pocket fits a little cardholdercards, receipts, notes,…The interior is made of suede leather so not much to be worried about. It can fit a fair amount of things considering that is a miniature bag (not based on the name but we all know exactly what it means lol). The only huge con about this bag I could find is the long strap (approximately 23″) as I mentioned earlier. I wish that they made it flexible but well, speaking of a perfect world lol. Erdict: Céline (or Celine) Nano Luggage is one of those must-have bags. Despite not holding up their worth which well, in the event that you truly care for reselling your luggage, this tote demonstrates that it does stand the test of time instead of merely a cool piece of work. It’s amazing, flexible, robust, and it’s created out of amazing quality. I trust you enjoyed this short review. I didn’t want to go all technical and information (lol) because at the end of the afternoon, this really is about your feelings, right?