Leo the luggage robot at the Geneva Airport in Switzerland
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Geneva Airport Begins Its Luggage Robot Bag Drop Trial

Yes! Right! Geneva Airport has been trying the world’s first fully autonomous, self-propelling baggage robot to assist travelers with their luggage. Working in collaboration with Swiss telecommunications company SITA and BlueBotics, a robotics company specializing in Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT), the company has named their robot “Leo,” after the famed Italian inventor and artist. Leo […]

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The most comprehensive list of airline fees you’ll ever find online

 In this passage you will find a complete airline fee chart with the latest baggage fees, weight and size restrictions and carry-on sizes, food and beverage fees and more from major airlines such as US Airways, American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air Tran Airlines.  The list also includes […]

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A Chart About Carry-On Regulations

Carry-ons come in all shapes and sizes and it can be difficult keep track of every airline’s current carry-on restrictions… luckily, we’ve got you covered! Here is a comprehensive list of the major airline’s carry on sizes by weight and dimension. If you’re looking for a list of airline fees, you’ll find it here. All […]

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Imformation For Airline Fees Roundup

“Seriously, has anyone (who doesn’t write professionally for a blog) tried to keep up with these airline fees?  If you haven’t been paying attention (and even if you have) here’s some stuff you may have missed: Avoiding Fees Four new airline fees — and how to avoid them How To Get It All In One […]

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Bags Fly Free On Southwest Airlines

The only airline we’re hearing good news from is Southwest Airlines, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, flies over 104 million passengers a year to 64 great cities all across the country.How a good news from the airlines today! They make travel so simple. I myself, look to Southwest before looking to any other airline today.   Actually, […]

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Fly With The Right Luggage Size Standards To Avoid Extra Fees

As a consequence of the additional baggage fees, more and more travelers have been carrying on airline size luggage bags.Will you be carrying on? Since airlines began charging checked baggage fees in 2008, the airline fees have added up. Together, all of the U.S. airlines earned $3.5 billion in checked baggage fees in 2012. Delta […]

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Best Carry-On Bags To Meet Airline Regulations

We’ve compared all of the airlines restrictions and have found that if your carry-on luggage is 45 linear inches or less, you are safe to travel with your bags on any domestic or international airline. A linear inch measurement of carry-on luggage is a measurement that adds the bag’s length, width, and height. So for […]

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Reviewing The Airline AA in Terms of Safety

While reviewing the many airlines on the market today American Airlines is leading the industry in safety, reliability, luggage handling and customer service with a 7/7 in safety ratings and a 4/7 in product rating. Many people feel antsy regarding transportation by air, due to the many hijackings, and airplane accidents. Many ask the question, […]