Wally Bags 60" Gown Length Garment Bag
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Reviewing Wally Bags 60″ Gown Length Garment Bag

Get there in one piece. Clothes stay neat and wrinkle-free in this lightweight and easy to carry-on garment bag with WallyLock hanger clamp. The Wally Bag holds up to six or more garments and your clothes won’t fall to the bottom of the bag. Handles fasten together for easy carrying and durable material is water […]

Bag Review: Wallybags Garment Bag

Bag Review: Wallybags Garment Bag

When I had to use a variety of dress clothes dragged travel frequently, the most difficult part is to carry This is usually larger than my huge garment bag. I might say, before this, but I was a very short man, so the bag was always a hassle. I tried to put my important dress […]