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Prada Logo Shoulder Bag

Simple but not entirely simple. You might call it minimalistic, but then perhaps that’s not the right word for it. It’s the Prada Logo Shoulder Bag from the latest Spring Summer 2018 Collection and one of their latest innovations that got a chance to become the next star in the fashion world. So what’s Prada […]

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Prada Diagramme Camera Bag

As camera bags become more popular in the fashion world, Prada decided to craft their own version. Now Prada usually do not engage in many quilting handbags because their specialty is designing tote bags in saffiano leathers. So this latest Prada Diagramma Camera Bag comes quite as a surprise. But anyways, this bag is introduced […]

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Prada Box Pochette Bag

The Prada Bags Design And Price Box Bags are becoming shorter and cuter. The last time we’ve showcased the Box Bag was the latest Prada Box Clutch Tote, which was a curved-shaped bag with an irresistible clutch-inspired clasp. Now this bag is not only practical, but it also remind me of something else? The Hermes […]

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Prada Monogramme Shoulder Bag

During the Cruise 2018 runway, we saw a new-fangled tote bag slinging in bright color. However, it was not until august 2018 that we discovered its name. This bag is called the Prada Monogramme Tote Bag. The Monogramme Bag is determined to become Prada’s next darling just like how the Saffiano Lux Tote did. And […]

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Prada Diagramme Tote Bag

The Diagramme Bag Collection has just been launched and already it’s packed with a flap bag, camera bag and now a new addition will join the group – the tote bag edition. The Diagramme is the latest quilted leather type – it’s made by Prada and the design is quite sophisticated. There is also a […]

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Prada Diagramme Flap Bag

Every designer brand has their own iconic shoulder and tote bag. Prada’s most precious tote bags are the Galleria Bag, Paradigme Bag and the Double Bag. But what about the flap bags? Well, we think the Prada Diagramme Flap Bags might be the next signature handbag. Let’s hope it stays in the game long enough […]

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Prada Logo PVC Tote Bag

From time to time, we will bounce into a handbag that makes think like: ‘this is interesting’. Well, a few days ago we discovered the Prada Logo PVC Tote Bag. This handbag is obviously different than what we are used to – no saffiano leather! Perhaps this bag is the ideal shopping bag, or for […]

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Prada Studded Pyramid Frame Tote

We talked a lot about Prada Bag Zipper Pull Totes because we love them. Last time we introduced the Prada Monochrome Bag, which is a new item for this season. Today we will be featuring the Prada Pyramid Frame Bag, but this is not a new accessory. And unfortunately, you cannot find a lot of […]

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Prada Micro Box Bag

We know Prada Bags In Zurich is master at making ‘tote bags’, this has been proven again and again. But when I looked for a clutch bag, my heart skipped a beat when I spotted this Box Bag. It’s more than just gorgeous. It feels traditional, stylish and it has a charisma. Straight from the […]