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2017 Pre-Fall Designer Bags Collection

Designers are rolling out their pre-fall collections all over NYC, and that means we have a wealth of designer handbag selections to pick from in our photo service. This pleases us greatly. Meanwhile in LA, celebrities are slowing creeping back to one of their favorite old haunts for dinner. And because I am sick of […]

LV tote
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The Ultimate Handbags Collection 2016

Well! Although we’ve made it past Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there are a lot of ways to answer that, and for our purposes, we’ve found ourselves in the thick of holiday shopping season. , and now we’ve arrived here on Regular ol’ Tuesday, wondering where we are and what just happened.And ideally […]

Balenciaga City Bag

Reviewing The Balenciaga Classic Mini City Snakeskin Bag

The iconic Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag is now sporting a snakeskin version. Tell us, is it a hit or a miss? For us, it’s a definite must-have in every fashionista’s wish list. A fashion statement that screams beauty and functionality, we won’t have no problem hearing that it will fast become a go-to bag […]

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag
City Bag

Nina Ricci Irrisor Bag: The Flat Bag Leader

I never thought a flat bag would appeal to me. After all, structure and interesting details are both literally and figuratively what give an accessory depth. But after lugging one heavy bag after another dangling with silly nonsense, I found myself seeking a sleek bag that packs well, is easy to store, and won’t cause […]

Balenciaga City Bag

Reviewing The Blue Classic City Bag From Balenciaga

Everyone loves the soft buttery lambskin leather that this designer is known for, right? Who would have thought that something so simple, such as changing the type of leather used, would have such a huge impact? Well it has. Does it look more refreshing? Check out the Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Pebbled Calfskin Leather! […]